Author: Skye

  • v6.2.1

  • Jesse Rougeau (Jezithyr)’s Game Cracking Threat: An Open Letter to SS14 Leadership

    Dear Space Wizard’s Federation (WizDen), SSMV community, Space Station 14 fork communities, fellow game developers and other interested persons, I (Skye) would like to inform you of certain behavior from a key member of the Space Station 14 / WizDen leadership team, as well as defend myself against public allegations that person has made against…

  • v6.1.2

    Also, we now have a new Discord bot that makes it easier to get a Steam key — now just click a button instead of having to type a command.

  • v6

  • Limiting Hub Spam

    To help limit spam, the hub will now prevent a single IP from advertising multiple servers unless otherwise whitelisted. Any multi-server networks already on Multiverse have been domain and IP whitelisted, so no existing servers should be affected by this limit. For future servers not yet on Multiverse: if you only have one server, you…

  • v5.1

  • v5 – Translation

    The launcher is now multilingual! Use the dropdown box in Options to select your preferred language. Thanks to Gados for contributing Russian (ru_RU) and DEATHB4DEFEAT for contributing Spanish (es_MX). I also added machine translations for French, Italian, German, Portuguese Brazil, and Chinese — if you would like to improve these, please check out the translation…

  • Steam

    Multiverse is now on Steam! 🎉 Type /claim Steam in our #general chat to request a Steam key. You can activate it using the link the bot gives you, or in Steam via ‘Games > Activate a Product on Steam’ Notes:

  • v4.2

    Mostly a build automation / distribution update:

  • Launcher v4.1

    Just a little merge update to keep in sync with changes from wizden.