Hub Info

This page contains information regarding the Multiverse Hub.

(Separately, we also host a read-only mirror of WizDen’s hub list, for information on that see this page.)


Add this URL to your hub list:

If you download SSMV launcher, this hub will be in your hub list by default. If you already have SSMV, you can reset your hub list in v4+ by:

  1. Download latest launcher
  2. Go to Options -> Hub settings -> Reset button
  3. Then click Done


You can advertise your server to the hub by setting the hub address.

Newer engines (154.2.0+)

Newer engine builds support advertising to multiple hubs. You can do this by adding our hub to the list of hubs you advertise to. For instance:

# Comma-separated list of URLs of hub servers to advertise to.
hub_urls = ","

Older engines

Older engines only support advertising to one hub at a time:

master_url = ""

However, you could periodically run a script like this one Valtos & deathb4defeat came up with:




while [ true ]; do
    date "+%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S"
    for HUB_URL in "${HUBS[@]}"; do
        for SERVER_URL in "${SERVERS[@]}"; do
            curl "${HUB_URL}" -d "{\"Address\":\"$SERVER_URL\"}" -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
            echo "> ${SERVER_URL}  ADVERTISED TO  ${HUB_URL}"
    sleep 60s

Multiple Servers

If you are advertising multiple different servers from the same IP, please contact Skye to be whitelisted.

Ideally if you are running multiple servers, you have them registered to a domain — but if not, it is possible to whitelist based on IP as well.

Important Server Troubleshooting Notes

  1. After starting your server, please allow a few minutes for caches on multiverse hub to clear before it shows up in the list.
  2. Note that the player facing URL is not the same as the server facing URL. Trying to use the player facing URL as a server will throw an error.