Nyanotrasen is focused on roleplaying, from as simple as doing your job to creating complex characters with accompanying artwork.

🔸Psionic abilities manifest in the crew members, which are managed by the Epistemics department, a group of pseudo-religious LARPers.

🔸 Humanity has mutated into a diverse set of mutations called morphotypes, featuring the spider-centaur Arachne, the cat-like Felinid, the Moth, and the muscular Oni.

🔸 Security is equipped with an elaborate system of laws to handle criminal activity on the station.

🔸 A mysterious Oracle demands sacrifices of the crew in return for knowledge and rewards.

🔸 Melee combat requires smart use of your stamina.

🔸 The service department features mail delivery as a way to make profit for the station.

🔸 Wear stylish new outfits created by our wonderful spriters.

🔸 Play across several stations, from Glacier station on its ice world to Arena station with its gladiatorial battles.