The general idea behind Parkstation is wanting to do MRP justice, putting emphasis on the roleplay beyond simply what the mechanics allow. Easing the rounds down, giving people time to breathe and RP, and generally making for a less frantic environment.

The server is founded on the principles of…

  1. Solid and communicable Administration.
  2. Intelligent and fun game design, by people who play the game, as well as new features, focusing on what seems vital.
  3. And the big one, is higher player expectations. This is MRP, it is expected that everyone here not only wants to be here but is willing to put some effort into being. And that is where we will be drawing the line- We do not expect you to be a master of improvisational RP or writing, nor do we expect you to memorize pages of lore, but we do expect some effort.

On the note of that third one, the Admins will be much more strict about NRP/LRP behavior, but on the note of the first, should talk to you about any issues before taking action. A clear disinterest in playing the game with everyone will quickly result in a ban, but appealing in Discord will always be an option. Discord bans won’t be handed out unless absolutely necessary.

Some notable features we have:

  • A redesigned character preferences UI
  • Character loadouts, allowing you to select an outfit to start the shift with instead of drip hunting
  • A point system for traits, with several additional traits
  • Tons of additional character markings and hair
  • Lots of different sprites
  • No captain job
  • Station AI job
  • Two unique playable species, IPC and Shadowkin