Red Eclipse Station

The Red Eclipse Outpost is a Syndicate Contraband Factory hidden far out in unclaimed space, recently, NanoTrasen Intelligence picked up on signals released from one of the outposts microwaves. After a brief investigation NT forces were dispatched to distrupt production of Contraband. Little did they know, this nest was guarded well.

The Red Eclipse Server flips the standard space station script by making the syndicate the central protagonists, and using NanoTrasen Agents for antags. Red Eclipse has custom maps and roles changed to fit the syndicate theme, as well new crafting systems to produce Syndicate Contraband for station defense and use.

Join today and work in the factory to produce deadly armaments, Defend the station as the ‘GreyTide Private Militia’, Keep the outpost running as the Head of the Syndicate, or Worship the HonkMother in the Clown Department.

Red Eclipse 14 is a new experience in space station.