Travel News

  • Dear Space Wizard’s Federation (WizDen), SSMV community, Space Station 14 fork communities, fellow game developers and other interested persons,

    I (Skye) would like to inform you of certain behavior from a key member of the Space Station 14 / WizDen leadership team, as well as defend myself against public allegations that person has made against me and my business.

    • Temporarily rolling back Avalonia 11 -> Avalonia 10 due to some issues I haven’t been able to figure out properly (notably: server list was crashing for some non-English users)
    • Ukrainian translation added (thanks Randomm)

    Also, we now have a new Discord bot that makes it easier to get a Steam key — now just click a button instead of having to type a command.

    • Updated to dotnet 8 and merged in other changes from upstream
    • Support for SSMV Engine