Travel News

  • To help limit spam, the hub will now prevent a single IP from advertising multiple servers unless otherwise whitelisted. Any multi-server networks already on Multiverse have been domain and IP whitelisted, so no existing servers should be affected by this limit.

    For future servers not yet on Multiverse: if you only have one server, you are not affected. If you have more than one server being advertised by a single IP, please contact Skye with either your (more ideally) domain name or (less ideally) IP of server sending advertising pings along with expected number of servers.

    • Fix bug where if one hub server timed out, rest of hub servers wouldn’t be shown in server list
    • Latest language updates, including new human translation of German by Selis
  • The launcher is now multilingual! Use the dropdown box in Options to select your preferred language.

    Thanks to Gados for contributing Russian (ru_RU) and DEATHB4DEFEAT for contributing Spanish (es_MX).

    I also added machine translations for French, Italian, German, Portuguese Brazil, and Chinese — if you would like to improve these, please check out the translation contribution information page:

    Beside that, there are still a couple missing strings and future improvements to do, but it’s far enough along to share now.


    This build also includes a fix for OSX, in case you were having trouble connecting to a server.