Travel News

  • Multiverse is now on Steam! 🎉

    Type /claim Steam in our #general chat to request a Steam key. You can activate it using the link the bot gives you, or in Steam via ‘Games > Activate a Product on Steam’


    • There will not be an icon or other library assets in Steam until the public facing store page goes live
      • (I could use some assistance getting screenshots, raw video footage, etc for the store page — if you’d like to help, please let me know and I will send you an upload link)
    • Mac is not yet tested (please give it a try and let me know how it goes!)
    • If you want your builds as soon as the changes hit git, you can opt into the ‘beta’ branch (much like the beta downloads on the website)
  • Mostly a build automation / distribution update:

    • Renamed download/exe to ‘SSMV’ instead of ‘SS14’ to make it clearer for people who use both launchers.
    • Set up automated build pipeline, so now commits will trigger a new downloadable build automatically.
      • There are two channels: beta and stable. Beta builds are automatically built. Once I’ve had a chance to test, beta build numbers are promoted to stable builds via a little shell script command. You can choose to download either the latest beta build or stable build from the website. (Note that the download URL has changed.)
    • Set up private repo + automated merging for the upcoming steam-specific integration code (not sure it’s actually necessary licensing-wise, but I figure may as well do this to be safe since that’s how it’s been done previously.)
    • Build numbers and timestamp are now shown in the UI (options) + console.
  • Just a little merge update to keep in sync with changes from wizden.